Dr. Prochaska has given me a wonderful smile. I had upper and lower crowns done in 2007 and what a difference they made! I get compliments from friends, family and even strangers! Thank you Dr. Prochaska for your care and artistry.

-Brad Larson

I have been a patient of Dr. Hamilton for just about 25 years now and I have no plans of ever leaving her or Uptown Smile. There are other dentists and major dental chains out there but nobody can match the care and expertise of Uptown Smile. If it is a simple cleaning or a major dental problem, Uptown Smile has always been there for me. Their many years of experience can not be matched by others. The service that Uptown Smile provides is not only for dental needs, but for the total patient, and that is what is most important in dental care.

-Gary Mazzone

Born in 1938 I only had 2 cavities, so seldom went to dentists except for the pesky wisdom teeth. By the time I met Dr. P., I had neglected every step to oral hygiene except brushing my teeth twice a day. For 30 years he hounded me to stop smoking, advised me on implants (God’s gift) and held my bridges together with tiny pieces of wire. Dr. P is a magician in ways.

-Happy Patient

As I reach age 69, I have terminal cancer (I should have listened, Patrick… you did all you could). I value the years of service a brilliant young dentist has given me. To me he still is that young dentist, as he is current in all the latest procedures and developments in the dentistry pipeline.

-Sim Varner
"Very friendly and competent office and staff." Cannon Falls Smiles
"I think Implants are the only way to go when you lose a tooth. I have 6 Implants & they are trouble free."  
-Kathy     Cannon Falls Smiles
"I was terrified of coming to the dentist. Lisa made my first appointment. Her warmth made me come back. Then after meeting everyone    and the great care I recieved. I would reccommend them to everyone. Great Experience, Great Staff, Great results.